Holiday 2021 Photoshoots

by | Nov 16, 2021

While photography has been a a part of my life, for a majority of my life, portrait photography is newer. I appreciate everyone’s patience as I work through this creative process.

I graduated with a degree in Fine Arts in the early 2010’s with a focus on Commercial & Studio Photography. Although I haven’t exactly pursued commercial or studio photography as a career per se… I did go on to produce a large body of personal work using skills and techniques from my education. I then went back to school for a career in radiography, xray.

What does photography and xray have in common? A lot! Photography is not possible without visible light, and radiography is not possible with xrays. Visual light and xrays are neighbors on the electromagnetic spectrum. Simply put, they are both photons moving at different frequencies, traveling in straight lines, either being absorbed or reflected. (The inverse square law pertains to visible light and photographers as well xray people!)

I digress. Long story short, I understand light and I’m excited to get back into studio photography. That’s where you come in. While I do have a large body of personal work, my studio and portrait work collection (at this time) is small and I’m looking to change that.

Thank you to everyone participating in my Holiday 2021 portrait project. Although I don’t have examples to share, I’ve compiled a list of ideas for holiday photos. Have an idea of your own? Let’s discuss it and make it happen. I’m excited to see what we can create!


Everyone wears matching accessories (hats, mittens, boots, scarves)
Everyone wears khakis with plaid shirts
Everyone wears the same PJs
Everyone wears a Santa hat
Everyone wears antlers


In your backyard or at park that allows fire
I photograph while family makes smores


Bring a small fake mini tree that can stand on its own
Children/family sits around tree
Bring ornaments and have smaller children decorate tree


Bring decorative chairs to sit on outside


Large enough to be recognizable at 10 feet away or about the size of an adult fist
Bring extra just in case
Attach red ribbon to one end


I will photography your family’s tree cutting experience


Wrap boxes in Xmas paper/bows
To decorate area: 12”x12” and larger
Use big boxes to fit adult/child


To hold in hands
Put 2 together = heart
Size: preferably the thicker ones


To wrap around children
To decorate area
Must be battery powered if you want lights glowing


Merry Christmas, Joy, Jingle Bells, Ho Ho Ho, Noel, etc
Store bought or homemade
Preferably of a cardboard weight (recycle cereal boxes- attach cardboard to back of paper banner)
Preferably bold, legible/recognizable at 10ft distance


Merry Christmas, Joy, Jingle Bells, Ho Ho Ho, Noel, etc
Store bought or homemade
Preferably bold, legible/recognizable at 10ft distance
To hold, stand up on ground, etc


Rocking chair, rocking horse, or any small decorative chair for a child to sit upon
Large blanket & your favorite Christmas story books- preferably a larger version
Radio Flyer or any type of wagon for child to sit in- fill empty space with boxes wrapped in Xmas paper, wreaths, etc anything Christmas
Basket large enough to hold child


Bring a boppy or towels to build up as a boppy & cover with decorative blanket to hold baby

BLANKET to sit on

Just child/baby- at least 4ft x 4ft, bring boppy or towels/decorative blanket
Larger group- large enough for entire group to sit on blanket (preferably larger)

BLANKET to bundle/cuddle in

Each family member brings own, matching/coordinating blanket to wrap around self standing
Couple- blanket large enough to wrap around both standing
One big blanket wrapping around everyone


Cover bottom with decorative blanket/carpet
Decorate background with Christmas props: wreaths, stacks of boxes wrapped as Xmas presents, garland, small tree, sleigh, etc


Adults- size: preferably larger than standard mug size
Children- size: standard size
Bring cans of whip cream and sprinkles


Decorative or traditional
On the larger size
Bring extras


To decorate area- preferably on the larger size
To hang around necks- at your discretion


Preferably size of adult fist
To decorate area by hanging on trees


Write a holiday message on board and hold up- legible at 10 feet
Bring extra chalk/chalk markers, rag, water bottle just in case


Wreaths/signs: an appropriate size to hang on neck/body
Scarves, Antler headbands, Santa hat
Blanket large enough to wrap pet with owners/family
Attempt to decorate dog as a reindeer with reigns and have child in wagon holding reigns (fill wagon with boxes wrapped in Xmas paper)
Decorative Xmas basket to put dog in
Wrap box in Xmas paper large enough to hold dog with head sticking out
Bows on head/collar- preferably on the larger size