Web Design, Nick Miller, & Crazy for {categories}

Hello World! I don’t know what I’m doing, so I’ll start here. This is a blog, I am a blogger, I guess? Originally, I set out to relearn all about how to make the internet happen with web design / graphic design and redo my photography website via “from scratch-ish” (WordPress), per se, vs through a website builder page (SquareSpace).  And here we are today, 4 months later, still no website.  Also, originally, I set out to learn how to make the internet happen 10 years ago.  And here we are today, a decade older, and still no idea how to make the internet happen.  

As I learn how to make the internet happen… that show with Nick Miller on repeat for the bagillionth time in the background (New Girl)… I’m going to practice the web design skills I’m learning by starting off this blog discussing topics I’ve been researching.  There’s not much to do on this site right now (More, Links) and no photos uploaded yet. Blog posts here will discuss the progress as it happens in a mostly chaotic, but controlled, manner.

Comments will be open to discuss topics if that’s your thing.  I am appreciative of constructive criticism.  Note: comments must be approved by me first before they go public.  This is to be a positive learning and teaching environment for those interested in web design.  

Today, web design / creative blog to track the progress of my creative journey.  In a somewhat near future tomorrow, photography blog. 

Coming soon, a discussion on using categories and tags. Might even go crazy and describe how to make an archive bank page thing (‘blog’ page).

Here goes nothing, nothing at all. Now back to the Nick Miller Show, er, New Girl.

Graphic design digital art feather in turquoise and white.
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